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Transmit is a platform for digital culture, audiovisual art, education and technologies. Its year-round activity consists of a series of educational programs and culminates with a two-day festival. Transmit organizes workshops, lectures, research, exhibitions, curatorial activities and audiovisual art production and performance.

technology is now

We don’t wish for a different kind of technology. We want a different perception of technology. Technology is often thought of just as a series of different versions of the same product or principle made mainly for economic profit. This reduction bores us as much as centuries lasting techno-optimism. Technology itself has much greater potential. It is primarily an instrument of adaptation to the environment and should be considered as such.

The way beyond this reductionistic approach is possible through art. But not always. An attribute that is often connected to this reduction is a spectacle.

If the art doesn’t use the spectacle intentionally, there is no point in repeating such ubiquitous methods.

In the current system, technology is not accessible to everyone. For economical and social reasons and also in terms of time. The ‘right’ technology is yet to come. The salvation will be brought by future. But the technology can no longer exist out of the present moment. The state when the new technology defines future and the old one is a reference to past cannot go on any longer. Technology is now.

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Free admission for CAMP festival venue